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Why Compass is the best option for your Car Insurance

Sure, There Are Plenty Of Catchy TV Ads Featuring Cute Little Mascots. That Lack Of Personal Connection Denies You The Confidence You Deserve In Your Insurance Company Policy.

We’re A Car & Full Auto Insurance Company With A Professional Team Of Hard Working Specialists Who Are Determined To Shake Your Hand As We Satisfy All Of Your Insurance Needs.

Helping You Select The Best Car Insurance Out There

Compass Insurance in Michigan, has a quality team of insurance agents to help you with all of your auto insurance needs including cars, vans, RVs, and more. Our pride in keeping clients well informed, keeping their premiums at the lowest rate possible, and our determination to meet all your changing insurance needs. This is what has kept our Grand Rapids community’s faith and loyalty with us all these years.

All You Simply Have To Do Is Call Us. Stop In And Shake Hands Or Easily Use Our Online Service To Help You At Any Time

Shopping for car insurance can be a challenge, unless you are informed of your true personal auto insurance necessities. For instance, understanding the true cost and benefits of the optional coverage that are NOT required by the state or finance company. Many of the options that are a valuable protection for some drivers, are simply a waste of money for others. Our team of live certified auto insurance specialists are here to help you make the right decisions about your car coverage. Assuring your insurance policy is most cost effective for your financial security IS our top priority.

You will have peace of mind knowing your automobile insurance policy has been considerately crafted to protect you, your family and your car (without risk of crushing your financial security) at all times.

At Compass, we tailor our quality insurance services to the individual needs of each client, customizing a security insurance profile for each driver in the household, from a single policy holder to a family of 10.

Experienced drivers with a perfect record, New drivers, as well as drivers with accidents in their history are all provided the best insurance coverage and rates possible with the hard work our agency puts in to every client, every time.

How Can I Get A Free Car Insurance Quote In Just Minutes?

With Compass Insurance of Michigan, our agents only need to ask you a few simple questions about:

  • You
  • Other drivers in your household
  • Your car

From there we will learn and apply all discounts that you may qualify for reducing your insurance expense. If you are satisfied with our work, we can make your auto insurance police effective immediately. It’s just that simple.

Understanding Different Car Coverage & What It Means To You

When you use a finance agency to lease or purchase a new car, it is customary for you to be required to carry a “Full Coverage Policy”. This is important to protect your car and the other driver in the event of an accident. Your Compass Agent will provide you with the information you need to know, such as:

  • The car coverage required by your insurance company
  • What a full coverage policy means to you
  • Your options to buy additional insurance
  • What a liability policy offers and its limits of protection
  • How to qualify for discounts beyond your current qualifications

The education Compass Insurance provides you will help you determine just how much insurance you truly need to know you have it all covered.

Excellent Insurance Agent

“Very efficient customer service. Michelle is always there to answer questions on my car and home insurance policies. Thank you.”

- Kennie M., August 4th -
Home and Car Insured with Compass Insurance Agency Grand Rapids, MI

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