Michigan winters are a wonderful time of the year with holiday gatherings and fun outdoor activities (well normally). But winter driving comes with its share of hazards. Bad weather, poor road conditions, low visibility, and other weather-related road conditions are responsible for thousands of deaths and injuries every year. Following some driving tips for snow and other bad weather will help you stay safe on the road while making your dad happy that he doesn’t have to deal with a crash.


1. Don’t Just Go Out, Pull that Phone Out

Always check the weather before going for a drive. If the weather’s bad, it’s best to stay home. Especially during a snow blizzard. There’s no reason to risk your life or someone else’s. Remember this tip, it’s easiest to avoid trouble by not getting into it in the first place.

2. Take Care of Your Car During the Winter & It Will Take Care of You

Venturing out in a car with potential mechanical problems is unwise. Before leaving the house, our tip is that you should check your tires, fuel, and fluids first. Evaluate your car for any hidden issues before driving away in the snow. At the first hint of brake, engine, or another essential system problem, get your vehicle checked immediately. You want your car to be performing at peak performance in bad weather. Failing to do so could lead to an accident or being stranded on the road.

3. Stock Your Car Like You Stock Your Fridge

Tip three is always be prepared for the worst. Put some vital tools in your trunk to stay prepared for any situation. Place a snow shovel, jumper cables, flashlight, blanket and flares in your trunk, just in case you should break down or get stuck. Pack kitty litter or sand to get your car out of the snow if your wheels just keep spinning. Stick a cell phone charger, water, and a first aid kit in the glove box. You never know when you might need any of these things to get out of a bind.

4. Don’t Drive Like a Jerk

It may seem obvious, but adjusting your speed for road conditions lowers the chances of getting into an accident. Slowing down, especially when driving around bends and turns, will allow your tires to maintain traction on snow and ice.

5. It Sucks to Get Stuck

Of the many driving tips for snow, many people forget about hills. Don’t accelerate going uphill; this will cause your wheels to spin. Putting the pedal to the metal might cause you to get stuck or run off the road. Instead, maintain a consistent and appropriate speed going uphill and reducing your velocity at the crest and going downhill will keep you from spinning out.

6. It’s the Only Time You’ll Ever Hear This, Don’t Stop!

When driving in the snow or icy conditions, don’t stop unnecessarily. When going uphill, don’t stop mid-hill. You may slide back down. Going uphill isn’t the only time you want to avoid stopping. When driving in bad weather, avoid stopping to keep from skidding or getting stuck. It takes more inertia to get moving again. Your tires can spin and dig you into the snow. Our tip is to keep your car rolling will prevent a variety of frustrating situations.

7. You’re Not in a Bumper Car, Keep Your Distance

Following too closely in bad weather and snow can get you in a heap of trouble. Increase your following distance to five to six seconds from the vehicle in front of you is a great tip. The extra space will give you more time to stop in poor road conditions.
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