Michigan Worker’s Compensation Insurance

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State-Mandated Worker’s Comp Insurance programs to cover lost wages, medical bills, and lawsuits in the event of a work-related injury, incident, or illness.

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Worker’s Compensation Is Mandatory

Worker’s Compensation Insurance is mandatory in the state of Michigan. What it does, is that it covers medical bills and lost wages for your employees who either become injured or ill while on the job. Worker’s Comp also protects companies from getting sued by their employees in the event of a mishap caused by injury or illness while at work.

Employers Pay Part Of The Cost

Worker’s Compensation laws are written to ensure that employers pay part of the cost of worker injuries, and illness while at work. Due to the result of the duties performed while at work. Injuries and illnesses could range from slip and fall, heavy lifting, fire, explosions, operating heavy machinery, and so on.

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