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Cover The Rainy Days With Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance protects yourself in the event of an unfortunate financial catastrophe.

Umbrella Insurance is not to be confused with Flood Insurance, which protects you from physical floodwater damage. “Umbrella” is a metaphor for an insurance policy that covers you against financial “rainy” days. Just like a physical umbrella would protect you from the rain, an Umbrella Insurance policy protects you from unfortunate “bad luck” lawsuits that you may be liable for. Financial crisis brought on by civil lawsuits or medical expenses that you may not be insured for or limited to by the maximum payouts of such policies.

Additional Liability Coverage

For instance, your car insurance may cover a maximum of $100,000 in property damage. What if you cause $1,000,000 and are sued in court for the excess? Umbrella insurance covers the additional amount set for by the policy’s limitations. Umbrella insurance also covers other situations that your typical auto, homeowners, or liability policies may not cover.

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