Individual, Family & Group Health Insurance Plans For Michigan

Are you an individual, family or small business looking for a health insurance provider? Finding affordable health insurance can be a chore. As you claw your way through the healthcare marketplace, you’re likely to cringe at how expensive the plans are and how little coverage they offer. Many plans are simply overpriced and offer insufficient coverage, but it’s hard to know what “average” is on your own.

The marketplace has a variety of plans but it’s hard to know what your actual expenses are or what coverage you’ll need. Even if you have some idea of what your needs are, you’ll end up clicking from plan to plan to try figuring out whether or not your doctors are covered by the policy. Some doctors may work out of multiple hospitals and aren’t compatible with certain policies. It may even be difficult to figure out if your doctor is covered and if their services are covered both in the office and at the hospital.

Individual & Family Health Insurance Plans For Michigan
Family VS Individual Health Insurance Policies in Michigan

Family VS Individual Health Insurance Policies in Michigan

Then there are individual versus family policies with their own unique guidelines. Would you be better off with a family policy or with individual policies unique to your family member’s needs? Setting up coverage one way may save you more money, but it may not provide sufficient coverage. How do you decide? There are so many factors to consider. It can be a nightmare trying to decide without expert advice.

Combing the healthcare marketplace can leave you with many unanswered questions and take up too much of your free time. If you’re looking for a better solution, Compass Insurance Agency can help Michiganders like you!

What is an Insurance Broker?

An insurance broker is someone who helps individuals, families and businesses get the insurance coverage they need. Some brokers generally specialize in a specific niche, while others are generalists. In addition to focusing on certain types of insurance, they also take an interest in risk management. It’s a health insurance broker’s job to represent you and your best interest, not the insurance company’s.

What is an Insurance Broker?
why use an insurance broker

Why Use an Insurance Broker?

There are many advantages of using an insurance broker to help you with your health insurance. They’re a licensed expert that can help you do research, compare benefits, and weight options. They’ll also assist you with buying, setting up, and managing your health plan. A broker is there to educate you so you can make informed choices about the healthcare plan that’s right for you or your small Michigan business.

What Does It Cost to Work with a Broker?

As an individual or small business, you may be worried about cost. It won’t cost you anything extra to work with a broker. The brokers don’t receive incentives for selling specific healthcare plans, so you can trust the advice they give.

What Does It Cost to Work with a Broker?

Why Work with Compass Insurance Agency

At Compass, we’re knowledgeable professionals with the experience to get you the health coverage you need. Because we’re an independent broker, we will provide you with choices on coverage and pricing instead of having only one or two options. We develop a relationship with our customers and help them navigate healthcare policies & understand their benefits. We’re committed to giving a high level of customer service every time.

  • We cut out the hassle and stress of using the healthcare marketplace.
  • We work for you, not the insurance companies.
  • We’ll get you the best coverage at the best price.
  • We broker plans with over 20 networks to get you the best coverage.
  • We’re local, not a faceless 800 number.
  • We choose the best providers because we know you need coverage you can trust.

Act Now Michigan!

In response to the Coronavirus Pandemic, President Biden has issued an Executive Order that reopens the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace from February 15th to May 15th, 2021.