Life Insurance in Michigan

Life insurance, you never want to use it, but it’s something every family in Michigan should have. Shopping life insurance quotes and policies can be confusing. Plans and terms are written in jargon that most of us don’t understand. You probably have questions about rates and how much coverage you really need. A life insurance broker can help you with all of this, including getting the best plan for your needs without breaking the bank.

Life Insurance in Michigan
Types of Life Insurance

Types of Life Insurance

There are two major types of life insurance, whole and term. Term life insurance only pays if you die during the term’s length, which is usually about 30 years. Whole or permanent life insurance pays whenever you may die. These main life insurance types are broken down further based on their specific conditions of payment and other factors. It’s helpful to have someone to explain the details of each type and plan in terms you understand. That’s where we, as a life insurance broker, come in!

Why Everyone In Michigan Needs Life Insurance

Help For Your Family

You may be wondering why you need life insurance. You’ll have passed on after all; what would you use it for? Life insurance helps your loved ones after you’re gone. It will pay for your funeral and burial costs as well as cover your outstanding debts.

Get Life Insurance Now, Help Your Family or Business Later
Get Financial Security With The Right Life Insurance Plan

Financial Security

Life insurance may also allow you to leave your family an inheritance. When you die, you’ll be able to leave your family the money they need to pay off bills, go to college, or do some of the other things you might have helped them do if you were still around. Financial security is important to you and your loved ones. It will give you the peace of mind you need to sleep at night.

Add-Ons For Extra Benefits

There are also riders and additions to life insurance policies that many people may not know about or consider like accident and critical illness policies. They are vital add-ons to life insurance that can provide extra coverage in the event of a terminal illness or nursing home confinement. Many life insurance policies have optional riders to provide coverage on the lives of children as well. The last thing people want to be worrying about during a tragic loss is how they will be able to afford a funeral for their loved one.

riders and additions to life insurance policies
What is a Life Insurance Broker?

What is a Life Insurance Broker?

A life insurance broker is someone who works independently from the insurance company to help provide you life insurance. They work on behalf of the customer, rather than the insurance company. They aren’t stuck to one specific company, for instance, New York Life. Instead, they can offer you quotes on policies from many different companies. They will search their inventory for the insurance that best fits your unique needs and budgetary requirements.

Why Use a Life Insurance Broker?

Their Expertise

There are a number of reasons to use a life insurance broker. They know the plans and details far better than you ever could. It’s their job to understand the jargon and break it down into regular English. Plus, they have the insight to suggest policies like accident and critical illness policies, which you may not even have knowledge of. Life Insurance riders are extremely important when tailoring a policy to an individual’s needs. Which is another reason why brokers are so valuable to a consumer. They can also comparison shop for you. They’ll do the leg work, and all you will need to do is make a choice.

Why Use a Life Insurance Broker?
Life Insurance Brokers Find The Best Prices & Benefits

Assists In The Process

Working with a broker means they can find you the best prices and benefits. You’ll also have help navigating the process and making sure all of the paperwork is correct. They work entirely on your behalf, making the process much easier for you.

How Much Does It Cost to Use a Life Insurance Broker?

The best part of a life insurance broker is that they don’t cost you a cent. Instead, they receive a commission from the insurance agency. If you’re not comfortable with this, you can also find a fee-only financial advisor when buying a whole life insurance policy. In this case, you’ll pay a fee for their services. Since these policies are more expensive than term ones, some people do opt for this feeling it promises them extra security for such a large purchase.

How Much Does It Cost to Use a Life Insurance Broker?

Benefits of Working with Compass Insurance Agency

Working with Compass comes with a host of benefits. When you work with us, you get an agency that’s invested in you and your community. As an independent agent, we give you choices and look out for your best interest.

You Have Choices

At Compass, we give you choices. As life insurance brokers, we can offer multiple insurance carriers with various coverages and prices. We focus on getting you the best coverage for your financial and insurance needs. We have established relationships that help us serve your needs.

Benefits of Working with Compass
Michigan Gets the Best Service

You Get the Best Service

Your needs are important to us. We provide a high level of service to all of our customers, including 24/7 support, emergency numbers, and internet account access.

You’ll Never Feel Lost

When you work with us, you’ll never feel lost. We’ll step you through every part of the process. We want you to understand what’s going on and trust us. We’ll explain everything we do so you feel confident in your decisions and your coverage.

don't feel lost, let us get you multiple life quotes
get alternative health and wellness care through your life insurance

Savings Programs

Compass also has savings programs that provide discounts on services such as dental, vision, prescription medication, and diabetes supplies. Some of them even include telemedicine and alternative health and wellness care. They work with your existing healthcare plans and help cut down on out of pocket costs!

With our savings programs, you’ll enjoy:

  • 20 – 40% off the retail price of eyewear.
  • 25% off of alternative health and wellness services with participating providers.
  • 10 – 80% off of retail pricing on diagnostic tests at certified labs nationwide.
  • 20 – 30% off of retail price on durable medical equipment.

Accident and Critical Illness Plans

Did you know more than 60% of bankruptcies in America are due to medical bills? Most of them had health insurance, but not the right health insurance. We can help you purchase policies to help cover accidents and critical illnesses. Our plans have guaranteed-issue benefit levels to ensure you spend more time recovering and less time stressing.

Critical illness plans give you lump sum benefits to cover your out of pocket expenses. Our accident and critical illness benefits cover you in your time of need. We have plans that cover stroke and heart attack medical expenses at 100%. After 90 days of coverage, invasive cancer expenses are also covered at 100%. Many other conditions also have 100% expense coverage, leaving you with more savings and less stress.

Some of these plans come with added benefits like accidental death and dismemberment coverage, identity theft protection, travel advantages, fitness programs, and even telemedicine!

60% of bankruptcies in America are due to medical bills

Compass Works For You, NOT The Insurance Companies

Act today Michigan and protect your family’s tomorrow.