Michigan General Liability Insurance

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Prevent your business from closing. Protect your business against property damage, bodily harm, medical bills, lawsuits, and libel with general liability insurance.

General Liability Insurance Covers Your Business

Damage to Property

Protects a business from claims of alleged financial losses that arose from any damage that was caused to a third-party person on the premises.

Example: A spill resulted in a client’s computer to crash. The data that is lost from the spill, as well as the money to fix or buy a new computer, will be covered.

Injury to People

Protection against certain claims of personal injury of a customer or client due to the business’s operations or products.

Example: An employee is cleaning up a spill and a customer slips and sprains an ankle. The customer files a claim because there was no sign posted to give notice to the wet floor.

Payments to Medical

Covers medical costs from a customer or client who gets injured on the business premises and requires healthcare.

These include ambulance fees, doctor’s bills, physical therapy (if needed), or the like.

Costs of Legal Defense

Covers any costs that result from a claim that was pursued through the justice system regardless of fault.

Costs include attorney fees, legal filing fees, court costs, costs of an expert witness, etc.


Covers against claims against your business for copyrighting purposes (goods, products, or services) that you have advertised.

Example: A company claims that you used their product idea or slogan as your own without giving rightful credit to the company.

Libel and Slander

Retribution for harm that was done to a person’s reputation as a result of a falsified statement. Libel is defamation in written or visual form, whereas slander is defamation through speech.

Examples include false arrests, detention or imprisonments, malicious prosecutions, violation of a person’s right to privacy, and any wrongful evictions from or entry to a place of business or occupancy.

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You can never be too careful. No matter how carefully you may conduct your business, you can still end up at the receiving end for liable negligence. Protect your commercial company by letting us find you the perfect general liability coverage for your needs and budget.


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