The Insurance Information Institute did a survey that shows the greatest number of fatal car accidents happen in August. This survey shows that summer is more dangerous to drive than winter due to the number of risks. Some of the most common summer driving dangers include construction, blowouts, and greater traffic.

Construction is just another season in Michigan. Frequent road work leads to road closures, slow-downs, workers, and large equipment. Be aware of construction signs as they are posted and be prepared to slow down.

Blowouts it’s not uncommon for tire blow-outs. As the weather gets hot the air inside your tire expands. The more worn down your tires are, the greater the risk they are for blowing out. Make sure to check the wear on your tires often.

High Traffic Levels. School is out for the summer and more people are traveling and taking vacations. This leads to higher traffic levels, impatient drivers, and traffic jams. Slow down and take your time. Plan your trip ahead and be prepared to add time to your drive. Keep in mind drivers are often unfamiliar with the area they’re traveling and make frequent stops, lane changes, or slow down. Patience is key!


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Top 10 Summer Driving Risks In Michigan

  1. Always look twice for motorcycles before you change lanes. Keep your car at least 4 car lengths between you and a motorcycle
  2. Stay alert in road construction zones. Reduce your speed, watch for workers, and keep your distance from large equipment
  3. Tires expand in hot weather and can cause a blowout. Do a walk-around to check all four tires before you start your car on hot days.
  4. Summer is peak vacation season, which means heavy traffic. Be patient with other drivers
  5. If you’re traveling through a tourist hot spot, be prepared for consumed drivers and busy crosswalks. Give yourself 10 extra minutes to get to a destination.
  6. Cars and trucks aren’t the only things on the road during the summer months. Cyclists, walkers, runners, and hikers are on the move too, so be sure to share the roadway.
  7. Remind teens to avoid distracted driving. Teens shouldn’t text, speed, or eat while behind the wheel
  8. Keep an emergency kit in the trunk of your car.
    • Cell phone and car charger
    • First Aid Kit
    • Flashlight
    • Flares and white flag
    • Jumper Cables
    • Tire pressure gauge
    • Jack
    • Work gloves and change of clothes
    • Nonperishable food, drinking water, medicines
    • Extra windshield washer fluid
    • Maps
    • Emergency blankets and towels
  9. Schedule a tune-up for your car to ensure it’s in proper working order. Make sure your air conditioner is in check.
  10. Your car’s temperature can rise quickly when it’s in the sun. to keep cool, place sunshades in the window and put a towel over the steering wheel.


Take Heed Of These Risks And Stay Safe This Summer

Our client’s safety is our number one priority. We at Compass Insurance Agency want our clients to be educated and knowledgeable this summer, so we’ve created this list of the many risks to be aware of while driving on Michigan’s roads.

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