Pontoon Boat Insurance

There is nothing quite like sitting on the open water, slowly rocking with the waves as your boat drifts you in whichever direction the water wants you to go. Pontoons are meant for a place to relax as much as they are for bringing people together for some fun nights on the water. There is plenty of fun and enjoyable times to be had on a boat, but before you get out on the water, it is best to look at what pontoon boat insurance plans can protect you and your passengers the best to keep those good times going.

What Insurance Options Are There For My Pontoon Boat?

Liability Coverage – Hopefully, this option never is actually used, but there are many ways accidents can happen while steering a boat. For example, you are riding your pontoon boat and, while docking, hit another boat and cause damage. With this insurance, if you are in a boating accident and you cause any body injury or property damage to someone or their property, this option will cover those medical and damage repair costs.

Medical Payments – If you or your passengers become injured while on the boat, this option will cover these costs up to a predetermined amount. Whether these injuries are cause by you or another person, this will still reimburse whoever is insured.

Comprehensive Coverage – Your boat most likely will be sitting in a dock or marina for a lot of the time left unattended, and that alone is why this coverage is smart to have. Unfortunately, a pontoon boat is just as vulnerable to uncontrollable damages. Comprehensive insurance coverage will protect you in those events, such as vandalism, theft of the boat, or severe weather conditions.

Personal Property Coverage – For the most part, it is recommended to take as much personal belongings with you when you are leaving the boat unattended for an extended period of time. Aimed towards the objects and personal items on the pontoon boat that are not required, such as fishing equipment, television or radio, this insurance option will cover some of your property if it becomes damaged or lost while on the boat.

How Much Will Pontoon Boat Insurance Cost Me?

Though it is not required in Michigan, pontoon boat insurance is highly recommended, especially when there are so many unpredictable situations that can happen out on the water. Also, depending on the marina or dock your boat sits at when not being used, they may require you to carry liability insurance. Regardless, your insurance cost will depend on numerous different issues, such as:

  • Specifications of the pontoon you own
  • How often you use it
  • Driving history
  • Your licenses and certifications regarding boating
  • Top speed of your boat

Get Your Pontoon Insured Before You Head Out To Sea

As an owner of a pontoon boat, you must be careful when it comes to coverage. Most people may think that since it isn’t meant to move fast, then nothing can go wrong. Unfortunately, that is not the case, and you are constantly at risk from many different dangers. If you contact us at Compass Insurance Agency, we will figure out what insurance plan fits your pontoon boat best and we’ll get you the lowest rate possible on it since we shop over 15 of the top providers in Michigan. We  want to get you back out on the water, having fun nights and relaxing days.



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