How Will Michigan’s Marijuana Law Impact Your Car Insurance?

Questions You Should Be Asking

Michigan’s expansion from medical marijuana to recreational marijuana, and increased usage of medical marijuana, brings with it a host of questions:

Are more people going to be driving high?

How does the Police test for driving under the influence?

What happens if I’m injured by someone driving under the influence?

A new study, conducted by scientists at the University of Michigan Addiction Center, found that more than half of medical marijuana drivers have admitted to driving under the influence. The study also found that one in five reported having driven while “very high” within the past six months. While we do not have exact data on recreational marijuana users, the same could potentially be inferred. Driving while under the influence of marijuana, just like alcohol, is risky. Other states have experienced a spike in accidents by persons under the influence of marijuana after legalization passed. This is especially dangerous for you if the at-fault driver has little to no insurance.

So What Can You Do To Protect Yourself?

It all comes down to “Uninsured” and “Underinsured” motorist coverage. These coverages protect you when you’re hit by someone that has little to no liability insurance. If you’re in an accident and the other party is at-fault and has little to no insurance, your policy will step in and compensate you for your pain and suffering – as well as your bodily harm.


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It is important to mention that your un/underinsured motorist coverage can not be more than what your liability coverage is. It is recommended that you have an insurance professional review all of your auto coverage to make sure you are properly protected in this or any other circumstances.

The Michigan legislature is in the process of trying to come up with a comprehensive system to test and prevent persons from driving high, but this process could take years to implement. In the meantime, you should not leave yourself exposed.


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