The Finest Mobile Home Insurance Companies In Michigan

Your home is a financial investment and you want to make sure you keep it protected, so let’s look at one of the finest mobile home insurance companies in Michigan and how we can help you. While up close a mobile home, policy looks like a regular homeowner’s policy, there are little things that make it unique. For example, a mobile home could be tied down with skirting, or on a continuous foundation.

Compass Insurance make sure you have the protection you need to keep you and your investment safe.

What are some of the insurance coverages my Mobile Home Policy will have?

All Risk Coverage

In the event of a sudden, accidental, physical loss occurs (fire, lightning, explosion, vandalism, landslide, falling objects, explosion, robbery, water damage, animal damage, etc.) you want to make sure you’re covered. Comprehensive helps cover, out of pocket costs to repair the damages.

Optional Replacement Cost

In a settlement, the Optional Replacement Cost allows you to replace dated items with new property of comparable material and quality. You don’t have to worry about depreciation or deduction of the items.  You can receive up to another 20% of the amount of insurance for your home in most states if you need to replace your home.

Agreed Loss Settlement

You receive the full amount of insurance for your home if it’s destroyed by an insured loss. This does not count any deductible.

Liability Coverage

If you are found legally responsible for an accident, and someone in your home is injured or there’s property damage, your liability coverage covers the cost of medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering, and property damage.

Compass Insurance Agency, The Trusted Name In Mobile Home Insurance

Concerned about the cost of your mobile home insurance in Michigan? Don’t be. Compass Insurance can shop you with our 15+ different carriers to find you an affordable rate. We’ll look for discounts and only add coverages to your policy you really need.

To find out more about insuring your mobile home, give us a call at 616-965-6272!




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