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Staff Bios

Compass Insurance Agency is “Pointing you in the right direction”, as a team of agent specialists they look at coverage, price, and service to ensure they are meeting all of your expectations. Compass represents over 25 companies for your auto, home, and commercial insurance needs.

Jack Hoedeman, CPIA, CISR, PLCS


Ballroom dancer, husband, father of 3, and insurance guru.

In addition to running the agency, I specialize in small business insurance. Many of our auto and home clients own restaurants, car washes, clothing stores, and bakeries. We want to make sure we can offer protection for all the risks they face.

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Hernan Balcazar, CPIA

Managing Partner

Bears season ticket holder, father, husband, and motivation master.

I oversee the recruiting, training and over sight of the sales agents. If your agent is away I will gladly help you in their stead.

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Michael Hoffman, CPIA

Partner Agent

Bowling champion, husband, father of 2 and insurance agent.

If you need me to stay late it can’t be on a Thursday, I’m knocking out 300’s on my bowling league! I have been doing insurance for many years and love to connect with new people and help them protect what’s important to them.

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James Blaauw, CPIA

Partner Agent

Husband, father of two, insurance guru, Spartan, world champion Cub, and undisputed bags champion of the world.

I love helping people find the right coverage to meet their needs. With such a wide array of options, people can find it over-whelming. Who do you trust? Am I spending my money on the right things? I take all the guess work out of your insurance.

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Paul Middel, CPIA

Partner Agent

Dedicated family man, outdoors man and insurance agent.

I have an amazing wife as of August, 2012, a nature loving son born in June of 2014, and the cutest little daughter born in February of 2017. I would live outside if I could, but short of that I spend my time with the family hiking, gardening, mountain biking or golfing. When were not outside, we are helping at our community church and have made faith the center of our family.

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Brad Schaap, CISR

Partner Agent

Husband, father of 2, softball savant and insurance agent.

I love softball but in-between seasons I like to help people protect their families. I have 14 years’ experience designing insurance plans and love meeting new people.

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Taylor Pomykala

Senior Consultant

Outdoor enthusiast, Calvin College graduate, and insurance agent.

I spend my summers golfing and playing volleyball. In the winter I’m in a recreational basketball league. When I’m not running around I like to find time to give back to the community like Special Olympics.

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Mark Flockhart

Insurance Consultant Mentor

Kid at heart, father, husband, and highly driven.

My craziest time was swimming in Hawaii and coming within 3 feet from a hammerhead shark! Who knew I could swim so fast? When I’m not working for my clients, I’m making videos on teaching others how to understand insurance.

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Wesley Trimpe

Insurance Consultant II

Husband, Davenport University grad, baseball enthusiast and insurance agent.

Away from my desk you’ll find my wife and I either working out or enjoying any sport you can think of. A former college pitcher who now enjoys playing as much golf as possible in the summer time. I love talking to people and hope I have the chance to learn more about how I can help protect you and your family!

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Justin Mulder

Insurance Consultant II

Married, HUGE sports fan, and insurance agent.

When I’m not flying down the road to get to a Detroit game I’m at home with my wife, WAIT WAIT WAIT, the only thing I love more than my Detroit teams is University of Michigan Athletics. GO BLUE! My wife Ali and I love to dress up, so we are always putting on fun matching costumes.

Devin Kolenda

Insurance Consultant

Husband, amateur foodie, and insurance consultant.

Away from my desk you’ll find my wife and I either working out or enjoying any sport you can think of. A former college pitcher who now enjoys playing as much golf as possible in the summertime. I love talking to people and hope I have the chance to learn more about how I can help protect you and your family!

John “Jack” MacKinnon

Insurance Consultant

Loyal friend, baseball enthusiast, craft beer connoisseur, and insurance consultant.

I have spent the majority of my life in West Michigan and I am an advocate of all things Grand Rapids. A former collegiate baseball player that loves to spend time at the ball park with my family and friends. I really enjoy networking and helping my clients however I can.

Codey Hoffman

Insurance Consultant

Red wings fan, concert goer, movie buff, and insurance consultant.

If the Red Wings are not on tv, I’m spending my time either watching movies or with family and friends making great food and having the best of times!

Joel Baker

Insurance Consultant

Sports fanatic, enjoys hunting, fishing, and hiking, and insurance consultant.

I enjoy football and participate in several fantasy football leagues even though my season typically ends up like the Lions. When I’m not watching sports, you may find me hunting, fishing, and hiking at my family’s property in Northern Michigan.

Alex Reams

Insurance Consultant

Baseball fanatic, avid bow hunter and insurance consultant.

I spend my summers riding my motorcycle, golfing and attending as many country concerts as possible. When the seasons change the only place you will find me in my free time is in the woods bow hunting.

Casie Rustin

Retention Specialist

Mother of 1, avid Cubs fan, lover of animals, and insurance agent.

I’ve been licensed for almost 2 decades, raised kids, give for aging parents, run a household, trained German Shepherds and ride a motorcycle. It’s not always safe but it’s usually fun! With my experience and resources, I will find the best option to protect you, your loved ones, your livelihood and your stuff. Don’t wait until it’s too late to find out what coverage you don’t have.

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Tracey Holbrook, CISR

Customer Advocate Mentor

Traveler, volunteer, and customer service advocate.

When I am not at working taking great care of my clients, I am spending time with my husband and my two miniature pincher dogs. I love being crafty, traveling to new places and watching the Spartans win! I also like to volunteer my time and give back to the community whenever possible.

Melissa Shelley, CISR

Customer Advocate

Left fielder, runner, wife and mother of 2, and customer advocate.

My favorite time of the year is softball season. I enjoy watching my kids develop their own passions. Especially my budding gymnast and my viola player. I love to take great care of my clients. Let me know what I can do to help.

Sebastian Aguilar

Customer Advocate

Soon to be husband, first generation Mexican American, and customer service advocate.

Customer service has been a passion of mine since my Target retail days. I have four years of insurance experience. I’m a GRCC graduate and will be completing my bachelors in Accounting at Davenport University. I enjoy spending time with my family and traveling to new places.

Heidi Erbes

Customer Advocate

College football fanatic, grandma, and customer service advocate.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my grandson, crafting, and time with my family. I love all things fall, pumpkin spice, leaves, visits to the apple orchard, but most of all football on Saturdays!

Nick Colson

Technology Manager

Proud father, hurricane survivor, and insurance agent.

I am a proud father of three. I have enjoyed a CAT 5 hurricane in Mexico for eight days. I enjoy working in the garden, and with honey bees. I love making sure our customers have the proper insurance that meets their needs, and I am willing to stay later or come in on the weekend to accomplish that.

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Annabel Dougherty

Office Manager

Navy wife, mom, and dog mom.

I love binging shows with my husband, snuggles with my son, and drinking craft beers from a local breweries. In spring and summer, my favorite activities include venturing around West Michigan to local events and trying out new restaurants. My biggest weaknesses are naps and ice cream, and I always indulge when I can. I bring almost 10 years’ of Customer Service experience to Compass Insurance, allowing me to help my team succeed. Stop in the office sometime, and I’ll be sure to be the first face to greet you!

Karen Gilley


I love living in Florida and can’t image being anywhere else. The warm weather gives me plenty of opportunities to jump on my Harley!