Owning a small business comes with many risks that’s why we came up with a few cost-saving insurance tips for small business owners located in Michigan. You can be prepared for as many as possible, but you’ll never be prepared for all of them- especially ones that threaten your business. Thinking about finding insurance for your business can be daunting and frustrating. Thankfully, business-like Compass Insurance offers many options and make sure you’re well taken care of.


Small business owners often believe they don’t need insurance. This isn’t the case. You need insurance no matter how large or small your business is, at a minimum you should have liability coverage. Business owners can easily be involved in a lawsuit and have commercial liability insurance protects you. An employee, you, or your product/service causes injury to a third party, insurance helps cover the cost, so you don’t have to pay everything out of pocket.

Some small business owners operate out of their home. Despite common belief, your homeowner’s policy doesn’t always cover you. Commercial Liability Insurance covers your business equipment and inventory or liability issues related to your operation. If you have a vehicle you use for your business, your Commercial Insurance will also cover it, unlike your traditional auto policy.


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Shopping Made Easy

Working with Compass makes all the legwork easy. We shop around for you and find the best coverage at an affordable rate for you. On average, our clients save $761!

While we work on the insurance part, you can focus more time on running your business. You may start out with low limits and increase them over time or add different types of protection and your business and risk continue to grow.

Compass helps make sure you review your policies on an annual basis. Things like our newsletters and surveys keep you in the loop and keep our information up to date, allowing us to serve you and all our other small business clients.


Your Insurance Should Include…

Not all small businesses have the same coverage. Your business size, location, and products/services differ from other clients we serve. It’s important to make sure your policy is customized to you and your business.

Compass Insurance works with many carriers including, but not limited to, Travelers, Citizens, and West Bend. We help contractors, restaurants, law firms, and other business owners from everything to liability, equipment coverage, worker’s compensation, and more!


The One Stop Shop For All Your Small Business Insurance Needs

For specifics to your business, contact one of our Compass Insurance agents today at 616-965-6271, and they’ll make sure you have the exact coverage you need for your business at the lowest cost.