Hagerty Insurance Provider – About Hagerty Insurance

Specializing in classic cars, Hagerty Insurance protects your beloved collectible car. It is one of our 20 top-notch auto insurance providers. They realize that classic cars require a different type of coverage. The team at Hagerty Insurance are classic car experts. They understand your car and the coverage needs you have for it.

Those who purchase policies with Hagerty Insurance, which is headquartered in Traverse City, Michigan, enjoy many advantages.

Automotive Insurance

  • Get premiums that are up to 36% lower than daily driver insurance
  • Guaranteed value coverage ensures you receive your car’s total value if it suffers a covered total loss
  • Use your car for pleasure free of fixed mileage restrictions
  • In-house parts specialists have access to an extensive list of resources for LKQ, OEM, and NOS parts that are difficult to find
  • Join Hagerty Driving Club™, the world’s largest community of automotive enthusiasts, and enjoy benefits including automotive discounts, exclusive events, and experiences and roadside service customized for collector vehicles

Interesting Facts

  • Hagerty Insurance was established in 1984 by a family of vintage boat owners, classic car drivers, and teenage restorers who sought to make insurance coverage accessible for people like them
  • The company now has offices in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada
  • Hagerty Insurance is the global leader in collector car insurance

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