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Florida, in 1973 Bristol West Insurance began offering personal auto insurance. In 2007 Bristol West Insurance was acquired by the Farmers Insurance Group and is going through a re-branding as Foremost Insurance. Sold only through agents and brokers, the company offers low down payment options as well as a selection of policy options from liability only through full coverage.

The company has offices in various locations, with main offices in their home state of Florida, and in Ohio, and will soon operate out of Foremost Insurance offices in Grand Rapids, MI.

Bristol West Insurance’s Financial Strength Rating

Bristol West Insurance Group has an A.M. Best Company Financial Strength Rating of A (“Superior”). For multiple policies, you may get discounts through the Parent company Farmers Insurance Group.

Bristol West Insurance Customer & Claims Services

Bristol West Insurance Group offers driving discounts through their agents, contact one to see if you are eligible. Basic insurance coverage that meets the minimum state guidelines is available and covers bodily and personal injury protection, property damage, and protection. Other types of auto insurance available are:

Michigan Insurance


Typically mandated by most states and it covers medical incidents caused by accidents with bodily injury. Ultimately this protects the insured from out of pocket expenses if you caused an accident as well as against lawsuits.

Michigan Insurance


Damages to your vehicle from another vehicle or object are covered.

Michigan Insurance


Acts of weather, vandals, fire, and theft damages are covered.

Michigan Insurance

Custom Equipment

See your agent to add custom equipment made to your vehicle.

Michigan Insurance


Approved towing distances are reimbursed.

Michigan Insurance


Drivers that damage and cause medical injury without insurance cost others expenses. This uninsured motorist coverage handles damage and medical expenses from underinsured motorists in the case that the other driver has insufficient coverage.

Bristol West Insurance Core Values

  • Continuously improve processes for ease of use
  • Set the new standard for auto insurance with excellent service to customers

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