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Michigan Commercial Auto Insurance


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Commercial Vehicle Coverage for you & your fleet

Commercial Liability Insurance:

If you're found to be at fault in an accident, liability coverage will help you pay for damage to another person's property (this is called property damage liability) or for costs associated with their injuries (the coverage known as bodily injury liability) that you are responsible for.

  • When your company vehicle is involved in an accident and your driver is at fault, the insurance will cover any costs to the damaged property, in the instance that your employee has hit a building, fence etc. It would also cover any lawsuit that may incur from the pain and suffering or permanent scarring of passengers in the other vehicle that was stuck. (Medical expenses, and lost wages are covered by the required personal injury protection).

Physical Damage Coverages:

These cover collision, repair or replacement, and theft of any company vehicle when driven during company hours and for company purposes.

  • When a company vehicle has been left out in the street and a group of teenagers spray paints the side of the vehicle. The insurance will cover the costs to repair the part of the vehicle that was vandalized.

Hired Auto Liability:

This is a provision of excess liability coverage for a non-owned, rented, leased, hired or borrowed vehicle for incidental used of the business.

  • While renting another commercial vehicle for a special job. It becomes involved in an accident in which damage has been done to another vehicle. This type of liability insurance applies because the accident occurred while the vehicle was in use for work purposes.

Employer’s Non-Ownership Liability:

Provides excess liability coverage for the employer and the company in the event of an employee using their own (unlisted) vehicle incidentally in the course of the business.

  • You ask an employee to get supplies while they are on-site and the only vehicle that is available is the employee’s personal vehicle. If the employee was to be involved in an accident during this time, the personal policy of the employee can refuse to cover them because it was a business errand. This type of liability will cover the damage to the other person’s vehicle and/or any injury they may have sustained.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance:

This is required by the state of Michigan. It covers any personal medical expense or injuries incurred by your passengers regardless of fault.

  • For the state of Michigan the benefits that are covered include:
    • Medical Expenses
    • Medical Mileage
    • Wage Loss
    • Household Replacement Services
    • Attendant care/Nursing Services

Single Deductible Endorsement:

This is an automatic addition to a policy when you are in an accident that involves multiple deductibles. You will have to pay the highest deductible.

  • If your company fleet vehicle is involved in a roller over, and both the trailer and the cabin are damaged (luckily no other cars were involved). The deductible to the cabin is less expensive than the trailer, the deductible for the trailer will be covered, but the cost for the cabin will have to be paid out-of-pocket.

Towing and Labor Insurance:

Provides roadside assistance to a company vehicle if it was to become disabled while on the road.

  • If your company vehicle breaks down on the side of the road. This type of coverage will pay for the tow and any of the services needed to get the vehicle up and running again.

Additional Commercial Auto Options Can Include

On-Hook Towing Liability:

This will repair or replace a vehicle, not owned by the company and is damaged by a collision, fire, theft, explosion, or vandalized when your company is towing or hauling.

  • These apply to certain types of vehicles like mobile homes, other owned vehicles (business or personal), any antique cars, race cars, or boats (personal use).


This helps pay for injury-related costs if an employee or you are operating one of the company vehicles and become hurt. This is different from Liability Insurance.

  • These are costs from an ambulance, hospital, or funeral.

Rental Reimbursement:

While your truck is being fixed, you are eligible to rent a truck to keep your business serviceable and not lose income. When selecting this coverage your insurance company will pay per day for up to 30 days.

  • Certain restriction apply. The following are considered eligible:
    • Owner Operator
    • Scrap Metal, Sand, and Gravel
    • Debris Removal
    • Logging
    • Other For-Hire Trucking Operations

Property Damage:

The coverage of any physical damage that occurred to other vehicles or property by a company driver. These DO NOT cover bodily injuries.

  • These are things like fences, utility poles, flagpoles, mailboxes, houses, garages, and pets.

Motor Truck General Liability Insurance:

Covers injuries or property damages that are incurred as a result of business activities, but are not directly associated with operating a truck.

  • This may be needed in the following situations:
    • Customer slips or falls on premises
    • Erroneous delivery of products that result in damage
    • Actions of a drive while representing the insured and are another’s premises
    • Libel and Slander Exposures

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance:

This is coverage on any freight or commodity that is hauled by a for-hire motorist.

  • If a load was accidentally damaged while in an accident, the insurance will coverage the cost to remove any debris or any costs that are related to preventing further loss to any damaged cargo.

Garagekeepers Legal Liability Insurance:

Protection of a customer’s vehicle while your company has kept it in a covered location for parking, storing or for the performance of service.

  • An extension of Garagekeepers Insurance is a direct endorsement. Direct endorsement covers all the damages that could occur while a customer’s car is in your garage regardless of fault. This endorsement also pays the claim without having to go through the insurance company’s claim process.
  • Example: A tow was called out late at night for an accident. Since it is late at night the mechanic’s shop is close, so you choose to keep the care in your garage until the mechanic opens in the morning. While overnight the customer’s car is vandalized. The Garagekeepers Insurance will pay to repair the damages that were caused to the car.
    • If the Garagekeeper had direct endorsement coverage, the garage owner could file the claim with their insurance company and the company would then pay the customer. This would elevate the customer having to file a claim with their insurance and having to wait for the insurance companies.

Commercial Auto Insurance Can Cover

  • Company Cars
  • Limousines
  • Trailers
  • Tractors
  • Uber and Lyft Drivers
  • Tow Trucks
  • Commercial Freight Trucks
  • Repair Vans
  • Yacht Tours
  • Snow Plow Operators
  • And More

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