Having a home away from home is truly a great thing to have, as it is your own personal getaway in a completely different place. With all of the perks comes plenty of risks as well and summer home insurance will be your best friend. Whether this is your summer home, second home, or just a vacation home, this house will be left unattended for a certain amount of time and will be at great risk from many different situations.

Before closing on a second home, you must research the risks and options and decide whether the extra costs will be worth it. With this type of home insurance though, you can be at ease while you are away from your primary home and feel safe leaving it unattended as you will be covered from just about any situation that can hurt your home.

What Does Summer Home Insurance Cover?

The amount of coverage you qualify for and what would actually be recommended for you will depend largely on the type of house and location. For instance, if the house is right by a body of water or on a beach, you will be more at risk from a hurricane more than a house that is in the mountains. Where your house is or where you would like it to be should be the main grounds when deciding what you need to be covered.

With that being said, you will still have options as opposed to being forced into something entirely dependent on the location. A few events and causes of concern that can be covered under your basic summer home insurance are:

  • Fire damage
  • Smoke damage
  • Natural disasters (Lightning, hail, wind, snow/ice)
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Vehicle damage

If your home should be in an area that is at risk of flooding, you may be required to buy an additional coverage policy that specifically covers you from flood damage. If the costs of coverage are weighing too heavy on your decision to buy a summer home, maybe searching in an area that is not susceptible to floods is the way to go.


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How Much Does Summer Home Insurance Cost?

It is highly recommended that you figure out the potential cost of your insurance on a second home or vacation home, BEFORE actually making the purchase. Considering this will be your summer home, the house will be unoccupied for most or some of the year, which will create an increase in price for the susceptibility to any of the risks that your house may face.

The major subjects to consider when figuring out how much summer home insurance cost for you, think about the following:

  • Location of the house
  • How often the home will be left unattended
  • Whether the house will be for rent
  • Amenities inside and outside of the house
  • Type and style of house
  • Size of house

Before You Get Away, Get Covered First!

The intrigue of a vacation home sometimes clouds the judgment and can get in the way of your practical thinking. Of course, it is easy to say yes to a second home as most people would if they had the chance. Unfortunately, too many jump to their decision before getting the appropriate coverage and protection they needed, leaving them befuddled and broke in the event of a catastrophe.

If you contact us at Compass Insurance Agency, we will help you pick the best summer home coverage at the lowest rate and keep you at ease while your home away from home waits for your next visit.