Home security and theft prevention should be a top priority for Michigan homeowners so, we’ve researched and outlined the top tips to make sure you and your family is safe.

In 2015, the FBI reported an estimated 7,579,527 burglaries. That breaks down to a home burglary every 14.6 seconds. The more you know, the more you can secure your home and keep from being the target of a burglary.

Where are burglars most likely to try and break-in?

  • 34% Front Door – Almost 1 in 3 burglars enter a home through an unlocked door, window, or other opening without
  • 23% First Floor Window
  • 22% Back Door
  • 9% Garage
  • 4% Unlocked Garage
  • 2% Second Floor
  • 1 in 3 homeowners admit to having left the front door unlocked while they’re away at least once in the past year. Make sure you lock your doors when your home, leaving to run errands, even while doing yard work.
  • 4 out of 5 burglars use social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to select their targets. 4 in 10 homeowners between 18-34 post vacation updates on their social media while away from home.

What items are most frequently stolen?

  • Jewelry
  • Electronics
  • Clothing
  • Tools

Make a list of your most valuable items. List descriptions, serial numbers, and keep sales receipts as documentation. In the event your items are taken, call your Compass Insurance Agent right away and they’ll help you with the claim process.

  • Homeowners estimate the average cost to replace stolen items at $3,584
  • 44% of homeowners have not inventorized their valuable items


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When do break-ins typically occur?

  • 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM
  • Burglaries take less than 60 seconds
  • The master bedroom is typically searched first. Keep items located in the master bedroom in a lockbox or safe.
  • Only 13% of burglaries are solved by the police L

Here are 5 easy steps to take to lower your chances of a break-in:

Home Security System- Homes that don’t have a security camera are 3x more likely to be targeted. 90% of burglars say they avoid homes with home alarm systems.

Proper Outside Lighting– Lighting helps deter thieves as they risk being caught.

Strong Exterior Doors– Doors that are solid wood or metal provide a stronger barrier against break-ins.

Block windows for the basement or locked window well covers– This helps keeps thieves out of your basement.

Locks for pet doors– Your pet may not be the only one going in and out of your home if you don’t lock the door when it’s not in use.

Follow These Home Security & Theft Prevention Tips To Keep Your Family Safe

It’s important to keep your home and valuables safe whether you’re home or not. A burglary can happen at any point and to anyone. Don’t let yourself fall victim.

Create a home safety checklist to make sure you cover every aspect of protecting your home. Make sure the first thing on your list is to call your local Michigan agent at Compass Insurance Agency and make sure all your important valuables are covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy.