When it comes to the perceived value of your home while it is on the market in Michigan, first impressions truly are everything. And nothing makes more of a first impression on potential buyers than the part of your home’s exterior and landscaping they can view from the street.

What potential buyers see when they pull up in front of your home can either pique their interest or make it difficult – if not downright impossible – to sell them on the idea of living there. That said, not everyone has thousands of dollars to spend on improving the aesthetics of their house’s exterior. Fortunately, we have the following tips to help you increase your home curb appeal on a budget.

1. Keep The Outside Neat And Tidy

One of the cheapest ways to make the exterior of your home more attractive is to scrub the exterior to remove dust and dirt. You can do this with a spray nozzle or, for more stubborn grime, rent a pressure washer. Doing so will allow paint colors to shine through and stone and brickwork to shine in the sun.

It is equally important to present an entryway that is swept and hosed off, and a front door that is wiped down. Additionally, make sure to wash any windows near the entryway on a regular basis. Do not neglect the windowsills and shutters when you tackle the windowpanes.

2. Give The Lawn Some Love

The shape your lawn is in during the spring, summer and fall in Michigan can make an enormous difference in the appearance of your home. Unkempt grass and weeds quickly turn an otherwise charming abode into a low rent eyesore. The good news is, this problem is extremely easy to fix. Simply mow your grass on a regular basis, pull weeds, trim bushes and clear away fallen leaves to give your home curb appeal on a budget.

3. Dress Up The Entryway

Keeping your entryway tidy and neat is the first step, but it should not end here. While clutter is never a good thing when you are selling your home, making it look welcoming is always beneficial. You can achieve this by displaying potted or hanging plants, a tasteful seasonal wreath or a subtle Welcome mat. A Michigan winter does not preclude a charming entry. During the snowy months, you can hang a wreath made of pine needles on the front door.

4. Freshen Up The Front Door

The last thing you want, when a potential buyer is entering your home, is an unsightly front door. You can avoid this predicament by keeping the paint fresh, getting any dents or cracks repaired and replacing old, tarnished or outdated hardware. Alternatively, if the door is beyond retribution, you can shop doors at different price points at home improvement stores. Remember, every single prospective buyer will see your front door up close, so it is worth the investment in your home curb appeal on a budget.

5. Give Your Windows A Makeover

Clean windows improve the aesthetics of your home from the outside and inside. Crystal clear, streak and grime-free windowpanes give your house a shiny and new look from the outside and allow sunlight to stream in when buyers are inside. Do not stop there. Scrub the windowsills and give the shutters a restorative fresh coat of paint while you are at it. It may be tough to keep the exterior of your windowpanes clean during the winter season, but you can still tackle the interior.

6. Spruce Up The Landscaping

You do not need to spend a fortune on exotic blooms and bushes sculpted into intricate shapes. Creating landscaping that is pleasing to the eye involves a few simple measures such as laying down fresh mulch and fresh soil.

Inject your yard with invigorating pops of color by planting flowers from a local nursery or seeds from a home improvement store. If you want to save money, opt for blooms that are less expensive, yet hardy. There are many different ways in which you can layout flowers, from planting them along a walkway to situating them between bushes.

While flowers will not bloom during a Michigan winter, you can still add decorative elements to your yard such as stringing holly berries on your bushes. Make sure your driveway is always cleared of snow to give your real estate agent and potential buyers easy access.

Get Coverage To Keep Your Michigan Home In Tip-Top Shape

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