With an increase in technology, new methods are changing the ways in which consumers are shopping for insurance. One option is automated insurance quotes. Another option is a system that adjusts your rates as you drive.  These systems are supposed to offer an enhancement in customer experience and save you money. Though they may function faster, these programs have some glitches that can lead to various types of complications and unexpected costs, which have lead to a decrease in overall customer service satisfaction.

Automated Systems Versus Live Agents

Automated insurance quotes & instant adjusting programs still cannot foresee and plan for every possible situation. They can register and foresee the most common situations, however when the complexities of real life occur they are ill prepared and may not be able to adapt to your unique situation. Not being able to understand how to cover a claim can have dire consequences for a client and their needs if that type of claim were to occur. These newer systems are also in favor of the large insurance companies, through causing surcharges in their instant adjusting systems or not fully covering you with these generic automated quotes. Let’s say you go over the speed limit or brake a little too hard, that kind of situation results in a negative impact on your premium. Plus, we all seen the commercials about saving you dollars, but how are they saving you those dollars and is it really in your best interest or will it be costing you more out-of-pocket later.

Whereas, live representatives are more flexible, adaptable, understanding, and creative in which they are able to respond to changes or foresee future risks and are able to provide the best solution to keep your rates down while in your actual interest. Live representatives work with you, NOT the insurance companies. Live agents’ work with these automated technologies as well, to provide the best overall experience, rate, and coverage, but are more knowledgeable about how to use them to maximize your benefit.


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What Independent Agencies do for their Clients

Independent agencies like Compass Insurance Agency, works with you to determine the best coverage for your specific insurance needs. We are a risk management, independent agency that believes in offering choices, providing affordable coverage, and giving a high level of service to all of our customers. Compass Insurance offers a live representative quoting system with professional agents that:

  • Have the freedom to make the best option, as well as unbiased recommendations, to ensure that our clients are receiving the best rates for all your specific coverage needs.
  • Will obtain quotes from 17 insurance providers, such as Progressive, Nationwide, and Citizens.
  • Offer a NO Fee and NO Obligation service while you are shopping around in search of the best option.
  • Are dedicated to staying on top of the changing insurance landscapes and laws.
  • Provide you with the best answers to all of your questions when you are confused by any of your insurance coverage or policies.

At Compass Insurance Agency we want our clients to feel satisfied in our agent’s recommendations and with all of the services that we offer. Our agents have dedicated their lives to insurance and we want our clients to not only understand all of their options but to feel secure in the choices they have made. We understand all of life’s changes and we want to provide you with the best insurance that grows with you and your family.

Looking for a Reliable, Non-Automated Insurance Quote?

Give Compass Insurance Agency a try, here our agents are on your side, NOT the insurance companies. Avoid the headache of automated quote programs and instant adjusting systems, just click or call below and we’ll get started in the right direction.