While you’ve been busy cleaning the inside of your home, have you given any thought to the outside? The outside of your home is what’s exposed to the elements, and taking proper care helps ensure your home is in good condition for a long time. So what are some things you should think about? We tackle them in this blog post.


The garage is a great place to start. Much of what you’ll be using outside you can store here, so it’s great to get your storage space cleaned up and organized. Empty the garage and sweep out all the leaves and dust that’s gathered up. Once the dirt is cleaned up, power wash any stains or hard to clean up spots. Wash down counter surfaces and dispose of dead bugs. Sort through items you can throw out or donate. This immediately helps get rid of your clutter problem.

Now organize the items you have left. Put all the kids’ toys in baskets or bins; organize your toolbox; hang bikes and skateboards using racks. This helps clear up a lot of floor space. You will be amazed at how much bigger your garage feels.

Once you’ve cleaned the inside, make sure you also clean the outside. Using warm soapy water and a terry cloth, wipe down the garage door. Have your kids help you out!

Front Door

Just like with the garage door, using warm soapy water and a terry cloth, wipe down your front door. This sanitizes a commonly touched area, and rids of dirt and debris. Also, wipe down the threshold. The debris trapped here won’t find its way into your clean home. If you have decorations or furniture sitting out, wipe those down as well.


The outside of your windows collects pollen, dirt, bugs, and more. Even if you clean the inside of your windows, you can be deterred from feeling like they’re really clean. So it’s important to make sure you get the outside too. One of the easiest natural solutions is mixing a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water. In lieu of paper towels, use some of those old newspapers you have lying around. They do a better job or drying your windows.


The most effective way to clean windows screens is in a kiddie pool. Fill a small pool with soapy water and dip the screens in one by one. With a gentle scrub brush, scrub the screens on a flat surface. Finally, rinse the screens with a hose using a delicate setting so as not to ruin the screen.


It’s something not many people realize, but your outside lights get really dirty. Bugs and bits of debris get trapped in them. Spiders create webs around the lights trapping more bugs. Carefully unscrew the lights and wipe down the bulb and inside the fixture. Use a soft cloth so you don’t break the glass. Wipe around the outside of the fixture as well. Once it’s all cleared off, screw the lightbulb back in. Voila! A clean light!


First spray a deck cleaner. Then, using a power washer, clean your deck while avoiding damage to the wood. You can also use a long handled brush. Rinse the deck with clean water and let dry. If your deck needs further TLC, use a sealer or stain over the wood. Make sure the sealer is completely dry before enjoying your clean deck.


Check the burners for any rust or deterioration. Clear out any small holes. Turn the grill on to heat up the racks and scrape away any food crusted to the grates.


Even if you cleaned your gutters in the fall, it’s still good to clean them in the spring. Clean out any debris that may have settled before the snow fall. Using a hose, run water through your downspouts to check for clogs. If they are, use a plumber’s snake to unclog them.

Garbage Cans

Make sure your garbage cans are completely empty. Pour some dish soap in each can and lay them on their sides. With a power washer, wash them out. Get in and scrub off the harder parts if necessary. Once they’ve been thoroughly cleaned, use a garbage odor eliminator. Now you have clean, great smelling, garbage cans!