How has purchasing insurance changed over time?

The process of purchasing insurance coverage has changed pretty dramatically over time. With evolving distribution channels, how you purchase insurance looks vastly different from how past generations preferred to shop. What used to be primarily face-to-face purchasing is now done over the phone or online. New technology services provide faster access to company representatives, making the exchange of information for underwriting purposes much easier. Additionally, alternative distribution channels have sprung up, including direct sales by telephone, mail and the Internet.

What does this mean for you?

Today, many insurance companies are meeting the consumer where they are – online. We predict that as younger generations, who rely on the Internet to do much of their shopping, mature and have the need for insurance, consumer purchasing trends utilizing technology will only continue to increase. There will always be demand for the traditional insurance agent and the face-to-face sale, but that demand is rapidly shifting to the Internet insurance agent. We’re entering a new era of how insurance coverage is being purchased. For consumers and agents alike, that’s a good thing.

Have an active relationship with your agent!

In an era when nearly everything can be purchased online, choosing the right insurance policy takes more than just the click of a button. There is value in having an active relationship with your agent. Ultimately, you are both participating in the policy. Licensed experts are available to explain the complexities of insurance, therefore helping you to make the right decisions when it comes to purchasing your policy.

Your relationship with your agent doesn’t end when you purchase a policy. Agents are there to provide quick answers when you need to update your policy or when you have an unexpected change in your life. It is important to be aware of how these changes may affect your insurance needs. We recommend regular reviews about once a year. These smart shopping practices can help you get the coverage you need for less. By shopping different providers with your agent, you’ll have a better shot at savings.

Compass is here for you!

When it comes to consulting your Compass Insurance agent, don’t be afraid to ask questions — that’s what we’re here for! The more you know, the more you may get out of your insurance policies. We are consultants for a lifetime, there to guide you through the changes you experience! We have agents standing by! Give us a call today.