Insurance companies have a certain reputation of being made of pushy sales people. The image that comes to mind is a pit of desks filled with people consistently making phone calls to try and sell policies from 9am-5pm, with very little in customer service. Compass Insurance has tried to find a nice balance between Customer Service vs. Sales Culture. We don’t want our clients to feel we push them into anything. Instead, we work hard to make sure all their needs are covered, and can help answer questions and service them any time they call or stop into our office.


Our sales department is made up of agents who work hard to shop around and find you the best policy. Compass works with over 17 different carriers in the state of Michigan. What’s great about this is you’re not stuck with just one possible insurance company; you have options to find the best rate and best coverage in one spot. Unclear about something on your policy? Our agents want to make sure you thoroughly understand what it is you’re paying for in the event you need to file a claim. Our sales team isn’t here just to make a dollar off every policy they sell. They’re here to make sure they sell you the best policy at the best price, for YOU.

CCustomer Serviceustomer Service

No one should have to dread calling into the customer service line to get help, and we’ve set our team up to try and prevent you from feeling that dread. Our set up is unique in the sense that each person is dedicated to their job position. Sales specializes in just sales, and customer service specializes in just customer service. It helps us best serve our clients and reach our goals. Anyone who already has a policy through Compass but needs to make a payment, has a question, or change their car from red to blue, can call in and talk to a member of our customer service team. Many of our clients know our team members by name and work with them directly because of the relationship they have formed over the years. How many of you can say that about the customer service with your current insurance company?


At Compass, we understand the importance of building relationships. It is important for us that our clients feel important and their questions/concerns addressed. Over the years we have been able to find a strong balance between customer service and sales and create a cohesive bond between the two to accomplish our goals and set new ones. So we invite you to stop in, say ‘hi’, and see how we get things done. Because at Compass, we’re here to ‘Point you in the right direction.’