Safeco Service Center Drives $780,000 In New Business Production For The Agency

In some cases, providing world-class customer service depends partly on technology. Yes, people are still the key factor. However, advanced technology can save time and make their jobs easier, allowing them to vastly improve the way they service customers.

This is exactly what happened when Compass Insurance Agency in Michigan let the Safeco Gold Service Center handle its customer service operations. Jack Hoedeman, the CEO of the agency, considered a number of different service providers before deciding on Safeco.


Saving Time Leads To More Sales

After visiting several of the insurance carrier partner service centers, Jack recognized that Safeco was the best in terms of how it handled customers, relationships with agencies and following through. Working with Safeco allowed Compass Insurance Agency staff to focus on new business and invest in its technology. Using the extra time to focus on sales allowed the agency to grow its customer base significantly.

The Safeco Gold partnership made it easy for Compass Insurance Agency to service customers who moved from one state to another. The service center was able to take care of these customers, responding to their needs in real-time. Additionally, as Jack’s agents attained their licensing in more states and started working leads there, Jack could rest assured they had the resources to service customers in multiple states.

How has the partnership worked out? Handing over service operations to Safeco Gold has resulted in $780,000 in new business production for the agency.

Technology Saves The Day

Taking a page from the service centers, Compass Insurance Agency built The Wire, a resource portal for agents containing the underwriting guidelines for all of the states the agency services.

The agents are experts at personal lines of insurance rather than trying to handle both personal lines and commercial lines. The Wire helps them strengthen their expertise on these lines.

Agents train two days per week for at least 30 minutes. Everyone is broken up into classes of 10 and a full-time trainer covers various topics. Topics include sales strategies, different types of coverage and laws in different states.

The Safeco Gold staff free up agents’ time in another way, as well. They make sure the claim applications are submitted and that policyholders submit pictures (if applicable) and proof of prior coverage. The service staff carries out tasks that include underwriting new business, answering billing questions and changing details in existing customers’ accounts.

Customers can reach the service center via two convenient methods. They have the option to call Compass Insurance Agency’s office and get warm-transferred or they can call the service center directly. The phone number to the service center is printed on their declaration sheets and insurance cards.

Jack invested in technology again by transitioning his agents to a true call center platform consisting of a softphone and wireless headsets. When the coronavirus pandemic dictated changing to a remote working model, the staff of 30 was able to seamlessly move this set-up to their home offices. They simply unplugged their desktop computer and monitor at the office, took it home and connected it to the Internet.

The leadership team has been holding meetings virtually using Surface video chat capabilities. The rest of the team members use the meeting and screen share features on Office365. Compass Insurance Agency has continued holding regular staff meetings during social distancing with these tools.

This technology has allowed Compass Insurance Agency to keep its staff employed despite more than 10 million people filing for unemployment. It also allows them to continue providing an exemplary level of customer service to policyholders. The Safeco Gold service center plays a vital role in making it possible.

While other agencies scramble to training employees on using new technology that allows them to work remotely, Compass Insurance Agency has come out ahead. Their agents are already trained on using tools that take them seamlessly from the office to their home.

Jack recognizes the vital role his agents and the Safeco Gold service center play during a time like this. During uncertain times, people crave comfort. Policyholders want to feel confident that someone will answer the phone when they call their agent. Insurance protects people’s biggest investments. When people know their agent is still looking out for them during a trying time, they can rest easy in this area of their lives.

Partner With A Insurance Agency That Leads The Pack In Technology

Compass Insurance Agency has edged out the competition by implementing cutting edge software. These advanced tools make servicing customers well a breeze in good times and bad, and especially during trying times. The agency’s forward-thinking outlook has also given it the ability to let employees work remotely when necessary. No crisis can prevent Compass Insurance Agency from doing business, not even the coronavirus outbreak.

20 insurance providers have trusted Compass Insurance Agency to win business for them. We recognize the importance of leveraging advanced technology to win and retain customers by keeping them happy.

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