Similar to television providers periodically increasing the bill, auto insurance companies are no stranger to shady fees and enlarged rates.  However, most of us are not as quick to put our auto insurance bill under the microscope as we are with the cable bill. We at Compass wish to change this mentality by magnifying the hidden and complicated fees. Unlike big brand companies looking to make an extra dime through a targeted approach designed to lead you into the trap of automatic withdrawal with no questions asked; our agents are trained to educate consumers about the rate they are receiving, as well as give professional tips to maintain the best possible rate for each individual. Auto insurance can be an opaque industry—let Compass enlighten you.

Comparing Auto Insurance Quotes Saves You More

When it comes to cutting preventable cost in your life, auto insurance is actually a great place to start. Comparing quotes from several insurance companies is an excellent first step. Furthermore, ensure each company is aware that you are comparing rates with their competitors. You may be surprised at the willingness of companies to match or beat their competitors’ rates in order to earn your business.

Rates are Always Changing

All kinds of factors can affect your insurance rate over time. If you believe your rates are too high or keep increasing, call a local agent or customer service representative and simply ask if you are getting the best rate possible. For example, your rates may be up for review if you’ve moved into a new neighborhood, got a new job, graduated from school, got married, or made a significant purchase among other factors.

Bundling Makes Sense

Nowadays, people have a lot worth protecting – your home, your car, recreational vehicles and even your life. It’s time-consuming and challenging to shop around for separate quotes for all of your insurance needs. Bundling your insurance will result with extra money in your pocket, fewer hassles, and less time wasted. Discounts on bundled policies typically range from of 10 to 15 percent!

What You Get with a Big Brand Insurance Company

Comparing car insurance rates through a company whose advertisements you see on TV is one way to get multiple quotes. However, what most of these companies don’t want known is that they really just search and compare various levels of coverage through the same insurance carrier. Without their complete transparency, you may not feel that the company has your best interests in mind. The goal on the other end of the phone line may be a sale and a new customer, not optimal service.

What You Get with an Independent Agent

Independent agents write policies for multiple insurance companies. As your agent, Compass will be able to compare car insurance prices, policies and options with you. This means you have more choice and control over your coverage. Ultimately, you will have a customized policy that is well matched to your real life needs and save money while doing so! Give us a call today and see how much you could save on auto insurance customized specifically for you!