The exciting day has arrived: You are ready to hit the road in your new motor home. Or perhaps you have had it for a while, but just moved to Michigan and need to get a different insurance policy. Regardless, there are essential facts you should know before you purchase Michigan motor-home insurance.

It Is NOT Homeowner’s Insurance

Yes, your motor-home has all of the comforts of home and it feels like a sanctuary from everyday life. However, insurance carriers classify motorhomes as automobiles, so you will need to treat it as such when you choose a policy.

There Are Differences Between Motorhomes, RVs, and Campers

While the terms may sound interchangeable, motorhomes, RVs, and campers are slightly different.

  • Motor-homes are motorized units that typically have amenities such as living quarters, a kitchen, a bathroom, and beds.
  • RVs are motor vehicles or trailers that have just a few of the aforementioned amenities.
  • Unlike motorhomes and RVs, campers are not motorized. They are trailers that can be towed by trucks or transported on the back of trucks.

Each State Has Its Own Laws

Make sure the coverage you select meets all of the Michigan motor-home insurance requirements. In most cases, motorhomes are covered separately under your automobile policy. However, this depends on the type of vehicle you have.

The state mandates full coverage for financed motorhomes, while un-financed motor-homes are only required to have liability insurance. You are covered under your automobile insurance for liability for unhitching and damage caused to other property.

Coverage Options Vary

You should take two factors into account when choosing Michigan motor-home insurance: the vehicle class and the level of coverage you need. Motorhomes fall into one of three classes:

  • Class A – up to 75-feet long; has panoramic front windows, living/dining areas, and bathroom facilities; may or may not contain slide-outs
  • Class B – the smallest type of coach available; does not have a cab-over; minimal kitchen with gas grill and fridge; may have an internal shower, portable toilet, water heater or HVAC
  • Class C – cargo van; camper or sleeper area is located above the cab area; fifth-wheel vehicles fall into this class

Much like auto insurance, there are different types of coverage available for motorhomes.

  • Bodily injury liability insurance. Protects you and pays costs associated with killing or injuring someone in an accident for which you are legally liable.
  • Property damage liability. Provides protection if you or another injured driver damage another person’s property during an accident.
  • Collision coverage. Pays for the damages caused by an accident and the cost of repairing or replacing your motor-home.
  • Vacation liability. Covers the costs of injuries sustained or property damage caused while you are using the motorhome for vacation purposes.

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Cost Depends On Your Policy

13 factors impact the cost of Michigan motor-home insurance. Some are similar to auto insurance and others are unique to motorhomes. Make sure you take all of the following into account when making a decision about your policy.

  1. Deductible costs – the higher your deductible, the lower your premium, and vice versa
  2. Types of coverage listed above
  3. State requirements, minimums, and risk factors
  4. Prior traffic violations and speeding tickets
  5. Motorhome driving experience
  6. Previous claims filed on the motorhome
  7. Motorhome age and depreciation at the time of purchase
  8. Motor-home class
  9. Motorhome size
  10. Use of motorhome as a residence; full-time residency costs more
  11. Any custom features that require additional coverage
  12. Where you plan to take the motor-home
  13. Miles per year driven in the motorhome – once-per-year recreational, monthly recreational or full time

Get The Best Coverage For Your Needs

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