Mark Flockhart, Personal Lines Agent

Make time to meet Mark Flockhart. He is our newest Personal Lines Agent team member. Mark came to us from Farmers Insurance where he worked in the sales department. He has been working in the insurance field for over 7 years. While living in Florida, Mark was insured to sell in 36 states. Now that he’s back home, Mark focuses on selling insurance in just Michigan.

Mark attended Baker College for a degree in web design and then started his sales journey by selling car stereo equipment at Circuit City. From there he moved into the auto industry where he sold repairs and help customers decide what they needed to have repaired immediately versus in the future. He learned quickly that putting his clients and customers first before costs makes a difference in making their lives easier.

When he’s not selling insurance, Mark spends a lot of time with his wife and 3 beautiful daughters. He is very interested in all things tech including building computers, investing in smart watches, and keeping up to date with the latest technology trends on the market. Mark also runs his own YouTube channel dedicated to discussing different types of insurance, general questions, how to understand insurance, and more.

Next time you visit the Compass Office, make sure you make time for Mark and see what insurance needs he can help you with!