The Dreaded Insurance Ad

Auto and home insurance is a necessary evil, but it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. You hear the commercials all the time…”Call us and save money in just a few minutes!” But before you pick up the phone, the little voice in the back of your head reminds you how long you’ve been with your current insurance company. Plus, all the other priorities you have waiting for your attention!

There is simply not enough time to call and answer questions and what if they do save you a ton of money? Then you have to cancel one insurance and deal with more paperwork to get everything figured out. So you wonder, is it all worth it?


Get Your Home And Auto Insurance Bundled To Save $642


Benefits of Shopping

Sure, it can be a hassle, but staying with your insurance company may be costing you 30% – 55% more in Michigan and you might not be insured properly. Many companies tell you there is a discount for loyalty. The longer you stay, the larger the discount, but in reality, how much are you saving? Bob Hunter, with the Consumer Federation of America, says, “they’ll give you a 10 percent discount after they’ve raised your rate 25 percent.” We don’t want to believe it, but it happens. There are many state factors that can affect our rates and it helps to shop around.

Each insurance company rates on the same factors, but you will not see the same rate, because these factors don’t all affect the insurance company the same way. You might be surprised by the amount of savings you can discover! Research has shown that when you shop your home and auto insurance you can save money and get better coverage at the same time.

Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees

Ask yourself how long it has been since you have shopped your insurance or even checked to see what your insurance covers. Has it been 3, 5, maybe 8 years since you made the call? Now is definitely the time! Many of us pay the mortgage and auto insurance bills when they come without considering the cost or what is actually covered. One simple phone call could land you in some serious savings and save you in the event of a claim. Compass Insurance can get you the savings and coverage you deserve.

What happens when it’s time to shop again? Well, you just simply call your agent and we can check your policies for any changes. If you’re paying too much or your coverages need to be updated, as an independent insurance agency, Compass Insurance has you covered no matter how the situation changes.

Stop waiting for the money tree to grow and call us today to find the money you’ve been missing!