Find The Right Coverage For You

So often when working with clients, insurance agents place a heavy focus on finding the best deal for them. After all, this is a substantial part of the mission most agencies strive to provide. Another aspect of those missions however, and one that often comes second to price is finding the best coverage to suit one’s needs. We understand that both of these factors are extremely important in suiting your coverage requirements. Nevertheless, at Compass we place a high priority on finding the right coverage for you and go above and beyond to meet your needs. We want to show you how through a recent example involving one of our admirable Personal Lines Agents.

Meet Our Admirable Personal Lines Agent, Nick

Compass Agent, Nick had the opportunity to quote a customer recently, one of whom was from the same area Nick grew up in. This mutual connection established quite a bit of trust between the pair. Nick wanted to ensure that this client was receiving the very best coverage protection available upon the client’s request. However, when quoting the customer their rate did not decrease but rather increased. So what did the customer do? Did they decide to go with another provider?

No, actually.

You’re probably wondering why? We get it. Most people would decide not to buy when faced with an increased insurance rate. However, when this particular customer’s rate went up they decided to purchase with Compass.

It’s Sound Coverage Advice

In addition to this customer knowing he was receiving the “Black Card” of insurance protection Nick was highly accessible and patient throughout the purchase. The client was able to contact Nick at his own convenience in a low pressure setting. Nick was focusing on providing better service and coverage, not cheaper. This is especially important when you take a step back to focus on your loved ones, the nature of your financial obligations, and your goals.

At Compass we have a Passion for the value of proper insurance and the importance of meeting a client’s own needs. We do this by partnering with a variety of different carriers and provide a list of policies that can be adjusted to your lifestyle and obligations. Its sound coverage advice, not price advice.

Be Better

As an independent agent, Compass understands that you can be cheaper. Or you can be better.

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