While purchasing a new car is exciting, choosing a new auto insurance policy is definitely not. But all Michiganders know one thing, they want to protect their investment and make sure their families are taken care of in case an accident occurs.

Before we dive deeper into the decision process, let’s review the consideration phase. There are four main types of auto insurance coverage available to Michigan drivers and you should know each one.

4 Types Of Auto Insurance Coverage Available:

  1. Collision Coverage is the most basic insurance that pays for any damage to your car as the result of a collision.
  2. Comprehensive coverage covers damage not from a collision, but due to other varieties. These can include weather damage, vandalism, and theft. If your car is financed, comprehensive coverage is required.
  3. Liability coverage covers costs to another party for damages in an accident you caused. Even in no-fault states, this is typically mandatory.
  4. Personal Injury Protecting (PIP) helps cover any medical costs of you and your passengers as a result of an accident.

Now that you have a better understating of these four coverage options and what exactly each protects against, here are five things Michigan drivers need to consider when making their final choice for their auto insurance policy.


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5 Things To Consider When Choosing An Auto Insurance Policy:

  1. Service. You are going to want the best possible customer service before, during, and after from the salesperson to the claims handler, to the insurance adjuster, and the billing department. Make sure your insurance agent explains the minimum coverage requirements for liability, bodily injury, and property damage according to Michigan State law. Also, have them tell you the amount of coverage in dollars for each type of coverage in your policy.
  2. Options. Make sure to go over all your options to insure your car. If you have an older car, you may not need some of the coverage a newer car requires. Have your insurance agent break it down for you so you can make sure you’re only paying for the coverage you need.
  3. Quotes. You can gather your own quotes from multiple insurance companies and try to compare the various quotes or utilize a broker who will do all the work for you by shopping multiple insurance providers & comparing on your behalf. Brokers are usually known for getting you the best coverage that fits your needs, now and in the future, for the lowest rate.
  4. Discounts. It’s important to save money no matter where you’re from, which is why your agents should being cross-checking and notifying you of any discounts that may apply. You may qualify for a multi-car discount, a discount when bundling home and auto, safe driver discount, loyalty discount, or others.

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Insurance can be stressful, but it’s absolutely essential to make sure you’re properly protecting your friends & family, your automobile, and of course your wallet.

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